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Salmon Carpaccio Recipe

Карпаччо из лосося рецепт carpaccio

Carpaccio appeared in the middle of the 20th century and originally meant a dish made from fresh beef. It was thinly sliced and poured with olive oil and lemon juice, adding spices. But then cooks began to experiment with the original product, using other types of meat, fish, seafood and even vegetables. What subtleties do you need to know if you want to cook a real carpaccio?

Cacciucco recipe: Tuscan fish soup from Livorno

Каччукко рецепт рыбного супа

Cacciucco or cacciuco is a traditional Italian fish soup. Like all soups from this Tuscan region, it is very thick. Initially, cacciuco was made from any small fish or seafood – whatever was at hand and what was left over from the morning’s catch. But over time, the recipe has changed so much that in the modern soup, all that remains is fish broth and pieces of fried bread. How is cacciucco prepared nowadays?


Greek Grilled Octopus Red Wine Marinade Recipe

Рецепт осьминога

It is impossible to imagine Greek cuisine without seafood. Along with squid, shrimp and mussels, in all, even the smallest, restaurants you can always try octopus – charcoal-grilled, stewed or in a salad. What do fishermen do with octopus so that it is not tough and how to cook spicy grilled octopus in red wine? (more…)

Grilled shrimp with garlic on skewers recipe. Quick appetizer on grill or grill pan

Креветки на шпажках на гриле рецепт

Grilled shrimp on skewers are good because they are prepared in a few minutes, the dish looks attractive and very spicy on the taste, thanks to the marinade with the addition of garlic. How to prepare the marinade and properly prepare the skewers before use? (more…)