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Salmon Carpaccio Recipe

Карпаччо из лосося рецепт carpaccio

Carpaccio appeared in the middle of the 20th century and originally meant a dish made from fresh beef. It was thinly sliced and poured with olive oil and lemon juice, adding spices. But then cooks began to experiment with the original product, using other types of meat, fish, seafood and even vegetables. What subtleties do you need to know if you want to cook a real carpaccio?

Sun-dried tomatoes: recipe at home

Вяленые томаты рецепт

Autumn is the time of vegetables. Making preparations for the winter, in addition to the traditional ones, do not forget about a fairly simple, but original recipe of aromatic cream tomatoes – sun-dried tomatoes. Cook them in the oven and you will get a wonderful addition to Mediterranean dishes or just a great appetizer. In addition, sun-dried tomatoes fully preserve all the useful properties and flavor of fresh tomatoes. How much time is needed for preparation and drying and how to store dried tomatoes properly? (more…)

Guacamole recipe: A Mexican classic known to all

This spicy avocado-based sauce can be a great appetizer and often even a side dish for fish or meat. The dish is Mexican, but it is known and loved in many countries of the world. Guacamole is especially popular with vegetarians and for good reason: only fresh vegetables and herbs are used in its preparation. What ingredients are the basis of the dish and what can be used to “dilute” its flavor?