Indulge in a variety of comforting soup recipes. From hearty classics to exotic flavors, explore a range of soups to warm your soul and inspire your kitchen adventures.

Gazpacho: classic tomato soup recipe with variations

Суп гаспачо рецепт Gazpacho

Although gazpacho soup is traditionally considered a summer dish, it is no less relevant in the fall, when vegetables are in season. When fragrant fleshy tomatoes and an abundance of sweet red peppers are ripe, be sure to prepare this simple and insanely delicious vegetable soup. What variants of gazpacho preparation exist and what ingredients will give the soup a special piquancy? (more…)

Cacciucco recipe: Tuscan fish soup from Livorno

Каччукко рецепт рыбного супа

Cacciucco or cacciuco is a traditional Italian fish soup. Like all soups from this Tuscan region, it is very thick. Initially, cacciuco was made from any small fish or seafood – whatever was at hand and what was left over from the morning’s catch. But over time, the recipe has changed so much that in the modern soup, all that remains is fish broth and pieces of fried bread. How is cacciucco prepared nowadays?


Pumpkin cream soup with cream: an Asian recipe

Тыквенный суп рецепт

Autumn is the season of pumpkin. It is used to make porridge, casseroles, and desserts. Today we are going to make pumpkin puree soup. Various versions of this dish are cooked all over the world. Depending on the region, each recipe has its own peculiarities. Fruits, vegetables, spices, cereals, cheese, milk or cream, broth, and even wine are added to it. How to make pumpkin soup and what recipe is popular in Asia?